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Welcome to Ashford Middle School

Photo of a sign with the yellow jacket mascot and the text Ashford Middle School Office

Our faculty and staff believe:

Here at Ashford Middle School, we believe that each student is an individual with unique learning needs and abilities. Our environment will enable students to achieve their fullest potential. Our school will serve as the center of learning for the entire community. We encourage parents to become involved in the educational process of their children. We believe that communication between parents and teachers is essential. The mindset of each child should be enhanced through their learning environment. It is desired that each student should participate in the decision-making and problem-solving processes that will encourage independent thinking. Our school day will be challenging and rewarding for all students. Each student deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and will be taught to be responsible for his or her actions. 

 Ashford’s first school was established in the 1880’s (before the railway came through) and was located on the corner of Main Street and Sixth Avenue.  It was under the direction of Professor M. Cherry. The next school, established in the early 1900’s, was located on the southeast corner of Adams and 3rd Avenue.  It was under the direction of Professor J.W. Brown.  This school was in the form of a wooden building consisting of four rooms and stood where the school gymnasium is today. 

The wooden structure was destroyed by fire in 1924; thus a movement began in the community to build a more modern school building.  From 1924-1926, school was held in various local facilities. In 1926, a new brick building was completed. The school resumed under the leadership of Professor J. C. Parrish until 1940.  Since that time, many well respected principals have led AHS.  They include H. A. Carlton, George Franklin, W. H. Brown, Wallace Smith, Riley Jo Andrews, Shirley McArdle and James Odom.   (While Wallace Smith was principal in 1980, the school once again burned, leaving only the gymnasium and nearby classrooms.) The school was rebuilt in 1982, and has undergone various additions and renovations. Recently, Ashford High School underwent a building project which added eight new classrooms, an on-campus band room, and a boy’s and girl’s weight room facility. In 2021, with the reconfiguration of Houston County Schools, Ashford High School and Ashford Middle School are now two separate schools. The two schools still share the same campus and some faculty. The first principal of Ashford Middle School is Jarod Andrews. Serving alongside Mr. Andrews, as the assistant principal, is Dr. Stephanie Alexander.

The campus of Ashford Middle School houses approximately 350 students in grades six through eighth. The students of Ashford Middle School participate in many extracurricular activities, such as football, cheerleading, volleyball, girls and boys basketball, softball, baseball, yearbook, Student Government, and band. Students are encouraged to join one or more of the many clubs of AMS. Choices include: Junior Civitan, Junior Beta Club, FFA, FCA, First Priority, and Junior Science Club. These clubs promote service to the school and community, and their members participate in many activities and field trips throughout the year.

During the spring Honors’ Day Program, Ashford Middle School students are presented awards to recognize their success. “A” and “A/B” Honor Roll Students receive certificates and the Accelerated Reader participants receive rewards.